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Dover Harbour

Bring Data Science Activities to the Cloud

This document is a primer towards creating an environment in which you can create and deploy your Data Science projects.

SpiegelMining – Entity Extraction on Spiegel Online

Also I said that I’m out of the RapidMiner – Rosette API challenge, here is what I was trying to achieve. Failing is always part of learning and I hope that the few things I learned may help you anyway.

2017 – New Years Resolution


Oh well, sickness has struck me once more and sadly I have to drop the Rosette challenge for this years end. I already mined some 200 MB of unstructured data in form of subreddit postings (/r/Netrunner)  that I’ll keep for future projects. I’d like to thank the guys from RapidMiner and RosetteAPI for the offer and will definitely stay in touch with them. Anyone left for the challenge, good luck and have fun!

So what will 2017 bring to you, Paavo?

New NLP Projects – Rosette API, Alexa & Co


Long time since I posted but this is the perfect timing 🙂

I am doing another NLP project (after doing a few very interesting data science projects over the past year besides NLP) soon enough, that will fill this blog again.

Sentiment Features – Negators and Negated Tokens


Mentioned in my blog post of last week, I want to get into the different features that I see as very relevant to detect sentiment in tweets. Some of them are easy to detect, some aren’t. Let’s get an overview on Negation first…

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