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Dover Harbour

Bring Data Science Activities to the Cloud

This document is a primer towards creating an environment in which you can create and deploy your Data Science projects.

SHORT – Dealing with embedded nul in string manipulation with R

The past hours I’ve been ramming my head into the same problem over and over. I had to deal with multiple strings of hexadecimal values coming from multiple sources. So far so easy, just use the iconv package… no, does not work at all for specific strings.

Particulates – Getting Hands Dirty with R and Leaflet

So I’ve been away very often and when I was home I’ve been pretty busy with work for the last few weeks. In the last few days I finally had some rest, especially after the last week in Czech Republic, where I did part of my data exploration for a recent Data Science project on Fraud Detection in SMS (project is still work in progress). But let’s get back to the topic and talk about R and Leaflet and mapping Open Data.

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