Long time since I posted but this is the perfect timing 🙂

I am doing another NLP project (after doing a few very interesting data science projects over the past year besides NLP) soon enough, that will fill this blog again.

Bikefinder – Alexa API MashUp

Over the past few weeks I learned a few things about Amazons Alexa Skill Kit, which is really cool and I’m looking forward to do some more programming with Amazon Webservices and the Alexa devices.

I developed a rather simple dialog with Alexa that is using the server-less Lambda service of AWS. The service will forward the users request for share bikes to the wonderful API of citybik.es, where relevant data like ‘amount of bikes available’, ‘address’ and so on are available.

If you are in any way interested into my Alexa project, you can have a look at it on github: https://github.com/pohndorff/BikeFinder

If response is met I’d continue on the project to make it available for more networks and maybe even write about more of the challenges in the project.

Rosette API – RapidMiner Challenge

So here is the meat! RapidMiner and Basis Technologies announced a Data Science challenge for NLP at December 1st (and I love NLP questions!). It’s getting rather late to participate now but I’m not worried yet. I still have time until the years end. I have collected some good skills on RapidMiner on my internship with OcĂ© Technologies and RapidMiner is most of the time a ‘Jump right in and figure it out in minutes’ thing!

I’m not certain yet what I’ll do with the Rosette API but I’d like to get some more knowledge on entity detection or even entity sentiment. So I just need to get some tasty data to feed into RapidMiner and get some cool analytics out of it.

If you’re interested in the challenge, too, here you can find all the information required: http://community.rapidminer.com/t5/Academia/Data-Scientist-Challenge-from-BasisTech-Rosette/td-p/34965

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