Big buzzwords have always been, will always be and nobody might fully understand them because everyone has a different perspective and scope on it.

I looked at Google Trends to figure out were three of my favourite words position themselves:

As you can see, Big Data is still the big buzz and will stay high for the future. Almost everyone is looking up the meaning of Big Data nowadays. Data Science is slowly approaching and recently broke the 50% barrier. This fits into the chatter going around in the Analysts and Data Science communities. Many companies recently turned their attention towards this topic to figure out what to do with their data. Internet of Things on the other hand got some buzz in 2014 and interest remained minor in comparison to the other two buzz words still sitting at around 25%.

The whole world is investigating in Big Data, besides most countries in Africa and the Middle East. Interestingly enough the search term “iot” is rising as a related search term. Most related searches are investigating “[[big] data] analytics”.

Data Science is while still not that impacting is also searched in most areas with a strong focus on India and the US west coast (looking at you Silicon Valley) and Nigeria (woohoo). Most related search terms are questions tho i.e. “what is data science”.

Lastly let’s look at IoT searches. Impressively enough China isn’t coloured in and most searches are coming from North America, Europe and India. Upcoming related search terms contain “raspberry pi” (kudos to you, dear Brits) while the top searches are again investigative “what is internet of things”.

Are you also looking into these topics? What are your impressions?